Francesco Mancini, 12 Recorder Concertos, Brilliant Classics 2012 

«...Tout au long des Concertos se dévoilent avec une déroutante évidence et avec verve la maîtrise de la phrase, du rythme – parfois sostenu par la percussion -, du contrepoint, de l’harmonie et de la fugue, le sens chorégraphique, du timbre, des associations instrumentales permanentes et de l’équilibre...», 4 stars, Pascal Gresset, Classica, October 2012 

«...Performance practice in Baroque music seems to improve yearly, as does our understanding of the idiom. Hearing a fine original- instruments performance such as the young ensemble Capella Tiberina delivers is like seeing an entirely successful restoration of an old master, the grime and yellowed varnish stripped away, the colors and perspectives coming up fresh and brand new.

While individual concerti from the set are available on a number of recordings, they’re presented in collections along with the work of other composers. As far as far as I can tell, the current recording is the only one readily available that contains all twelve concerti from the 1725 publication. So this would be a valuable release even if the performances were just serviceable. Thankfully, instead they’re bursting with life yet are also informed by sound musicianship and scholarship. The sonics, from a church in Rome, are every bit as lively, the engineers skillfully turning the resonant setting to the advantage of the music-making. Recommended, certainly!». Lee Passarella, Audiophile Audition, 14 December 2012

«...For me at any rate, the present recording presents these pieces in their best possible light...» James A. Altena, Fanfare Magazine, 17 March 2013

 « wird hier meisterhaft und mit grosser Leidenschaft gespielt. Die dramatischen und expressiven Züge kommen voll zum Tragen. Mancinis Konzerte sind sehr schön und aller Aufmerksamkeit wert.», Johan van Veen, Toccata, 13 March 2013


Domenico Scarlatti, Violin Sonatas, CD, Brilliant Classics 2013

«... Perrone and Nigito make beautiful music when they play together, as in the D minor Sonatas, K77 and K90, the last-named being further distinguished by the inclusion of a hand-struck tamburello, adding a sensational down-to-earth sound to the third movement, a lusty Tarantella. And Nigito’s performance of the single-movement sonata in C-minor, K132, marked Cantabile, is sublimity itself». Phil’s Classical Reviews, December 2013


«... Auch Paolo Perrone ist ein makellos intonierender Geiger, mit süßem, schlanken Ton und agiler Phrasierung, der mit der Cembalistin Alexandra Nigito (auf der leicht modifizierten Kopie eines Cembalo von Philip Jacob Specken von 1748) perfekt harmoniert. [...] Die Solostücke breiten das ganze Spektrum aus: eine Fuge (K.82), die flotte Sonate K.82 und die an eine Serenata unterm Balkon erinnernde K.132 - wie sinnlich und be-sinnlich die Cembalistin hier völlig unprätentiös in neun Minuten dieses schöne Stück ausbreitet, sollte man gehört haben.»,, 22 August 2013


«... Capella Tiberina's historical interpretations offer a fresh take on this engaging music [...]. A fashinating re-interpretation of familiar works!»,, 24 September 2013

 in Weil am Rhein, 26 February 2011

«...Der ständige Kontakt zwischen den Ensemblemitgliedern war vorbildlich. Entsprechend perfekt gelangen die Darbietungen...», Gottfried Driesch, Weil am Rhein, 1. March 2011

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